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Hello, Remember me? It’s your faithful wedding photographer, Ryan! For some of you it’s been over a decade since I’ve shot your wedding. Wow! A lot has happened right? Well, I’m hanging up my hat (pretty much for real this time). It has been an absolute blast. I have been blessed to have the best couples I could have asked for. I can honestly say there wasn’t a single wedding I didn’t enjoy. It’s just a different time and I’m a different person. I’ve shot eleven seasons and over 160 weddings. I was full-time for a few, and I did take a few years off. Joy joined me for at least a hundred of them. I started with a good foundation, but my skills improved tremendously over my career. I started out using filters when instagram was new and they were all the rage. Half way through my career I started backing off and editing to a more realistic and classic style. I can honestly say that I gave it my all to extend the best service I could. Of course I made some mistakes along the way, and I’m sorry if I let you down. Still, I’m leaving with solid 4.9 star legacy after 42 reviews. That’s nothing to sneeze at! Thank you all. I know the statistics. I’m not going to mince words. I wanted to send this email, but I had to acknowledge it. I don’t know how else to bring it up but to be honest about it. The chances are that half of you aren’t married anymore (to the same person) or don’t want to be (to the same person). If that’s the case then you probably don’t want to read any further; I’m going to try to sell you your wedding pictures. For those of you that are still happily married (to the same person), you need to know, I’m shutting down my client site. Why does this matter to you? Because after 12/21/20 your photos won’t exist any more unless they are on your hard drives somewhere. Don’t have your photos, but want them? Never fear. The photos can be yours for a low price! I turned on every single product my printer has to offer. That includes: downloads of your entire wedding gallery (different prices by file size) downloads of individual wedding photos (different pieces by file size) standard prints All kinds of wall art from metal prints, to canvas prints, to framed photos. Even keepsakes like mugs, mousepads, coasters, playing cards, magnets, etc. Personally I think that would be a little weird after so years, but who am I to judge? I can’t think of a way to send each of you a link straight to your wedding, so right now the best way to find your photos is to go to the following site and do a search for your name (ctrl+F [command+F on mac]). You may have to keep scrolling until you see your wedding. They are in rough chronological order. Follow this link to purchase your wedding photos. https://clients.eventhorizonphotography.com/ There is still time to get them before xmas if you order soon. If you’ve been meaning to get prints or files of your wedding photos then now is the time! This is a momentous occasion. I’m actually scared. It seems letting go of a loved one. Before 12/21/20 I will send a few more emails reminding you (unless you tell me you don’t want me to). Please forward this email to anyone I missed. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need anything. Best, Ryan

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